Posted May 19, 2008 2:55 PM

"Every child can!"  The foundation of the Suzuki approach, starting very young!  Although it is never too late to start lessons.  There is no charge for the first lesson.  It's a good idea to meet, talk about what is involved in learning the piano and taking lessons, and see if this would be a good fit.  Another good idea is to come and watch some other students, or come to a studio recital (piano recital garden party is coming up!).  So much can be learned from watching, listening and observing.

There will be lessons throughout the summer so that skills learned are not lost. This is a good time to try out a few lessons to see if it would work for this next school year.

Registrations for next school year (Sept '08 - June '09) are now being accepted. The program is being expanded to provide more opportunities for piano ensembles and informal performances. More advanced students are encouraged to take advantage of the Associated Board curriculum - an exam based approach that provides excellent structure for motivation towards all round keyboard skills and musicianship, from performance, to sight-reading, aural skills and theory.

I am always happy to discuss any apsect of the program. Call or email.